Do you have an Agent? If you are planning on visiting an open house in the near future, you should know something about agent representation. A real estate agent cannot try to take a client away from another agent and there is a proper etiquette that is followed by agents.

Barrie Open House Information

Is the Listing Agent the same as the open house agent?

The agent that listed the house may indeed be the same agent that is holding the open house. The best and quite possibly the only way to find out is to ask him. Don’t count on a Barrie agent having nametags or a name on the sign out front. In many cases there can be a co-listing where two agents get together and co-list a home.

Visiting an open house when you don’t have an agent

If you are interested in purchasing a house and have not yet worked with a real estate agent you may very well meet one that is a possible candidate when you visit an open house. Sometimes seeing an agent in action is the best way to tell if they are good at what they do. An ideal time to observe agents in action is during an open house. During this time they will usually be bombarded with questions and have many things to deal with, and you can watch them and see how well they handle pressure.

Visiting an open house when you already have an agent

Any Barrie real estate agent holding an open house needs to ask homebuyers if they already have an agent representing them.  Homebuyers must be sure to pass along this information to the open house agent so that no problems arise. Don’t worry about how you can break it the open house agent that you are already being represented by an agent. They can take it. Simply state “This is who my agent is and here is his card”. It is better for the homebuyer to make it known right away so that the open house agent knows not to make any solicitations

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