The cost of owning a Barrie home goes far beyond the mortgage repayment amount each month. In addition to paying your mortgage every month, you must consider the cost of insurance, property tax, and maintaining and improving your home. Many people only consider how much they can afford in terms of a mortgage and forget to consider other costs related to the home.
These are real costs that you will have to deal with and should be taken into consideration when you are purchasing a home.

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Find out the true cost of your Barrie Home before you sign

Home Maintenance
There are certain aspects of owning a  home in Barrie that require regular maintenance. These include the heating and cooling system, the plumbing of the home, drainage, painting the exterior and the interior and too many more to mention.
Homeowners often forget to clear drainage pipes, which easily leads to blockages and leaks. Dryer vents can very easily lead to fires if they are not property cleaned and maintained. Maintaining the grounds and the garden should also be considered. You may need to purchase a lawn mower or outsource this work on a regular basis.
Home Improvements
You may need to make improvements to the home to meet your specific style and design preferences. This can involve painting the house, changing the flooring, adding an addition, etc. You’ll want to constantly improve your home both for the aesthetic appearance and to raise the value of your home with each passing year.
To avoid running into high maintenance and renovation costs, here are some of the things you need to watch for.
Windows and doors. – Check the seals on your windows and doors routinely to prevent water from getting into the house. Water can ruin your finishes and furniture.
Carry out repairs of minor issues before they develop any further. – Check bathrooms and toilets for any defects. Repair small cracks on walls before they get any worse.
Remember, even a new house needs regular maintenance. –  While the issues of a new house are less, always carry out regular checks and repair things as soon as you notice a problem. Do not make the assumption that the new house is perfect and does not require any maintenance.

Owning a home in Barrie or anywhere else involves a lot of costs down the road. Make sure that your budget is set up to not only handle your mortgage payments but the true costs of home ownership as a whole.

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