Hi all,

Just north of the Barrie Real Estate area you will find a wonderful ski resort called “Ski Snow Valley”. If you have never been to the Barrie area before and you are coming here this winter to look at our Real Estate then bring your skis with you. We have several good Skiing and snow boarding areas just north of the city.

Around this time of the year the ski resorts start to try and make their own snow and hence there was I this evening wondering if they had started. The answer is ‘TONIGHT!’ yeah they are going to have a go at laying down a starting base. Of course they always have a really neat video or two on the front of their website and I couldn’t resist sharing this one with you. No this isn’t Barrie but heck I watched it twice over anyway. Nothing like a bit of skiing near the edge to get you on the mood for some winter fun. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to bring your skis if you are coming up this way.

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