Well there are two very interesting questions and we come across them often. So to paint or not to paint? Painting as a whole is one of those things you can do that actually doesn’t cost a whole lot and it can give arise to two important sensory outlooks, 1. Sight (Pretty obvious really) and smell! Even if you just paint the hallway it will have that fresh paint smell when a Buyer walks in the door. However, what if you want to paint a few rooms a little out of the ordinary?

“I Want To Paint My Barrie home Purple!”  Ouch !!! ooo, felt that one coming…but is it a bad idea?barrie real estate interior design

If you were to ever walk into a Barrie real estate agent and say such a thing, you would probably hear a gasp. Most agents will tell you to paint your property neutral colors to attract the most buyers. This is a valid point and one that is not worth arguing over. There is a valid point, however, for making your house dramatic when you are trying to sell it, that is rarely mentioned.

The only time you can risk staying away from neutral colors and going bold instead is if you have some time to sell your house. For instance, if you know that you can keep your house on the market for another six months to a year, and your house already has dramatic decorating, you can try putting it on the market as is for a month. You only have some time to lose by trying and you may gain something in return. As a rule I generally don’t ‘Try’ anything, so this strategy needs to be done with some understanding on what you are doing.

You see, the dramatic and bold house will only appeal to a certain amount of buyers. On a positive note, you might find a buyer who comes into your home that absolutely falls in love with the decorating and has to have your house no matter what. This is really a good situation for a Barrie home seller to be in because the ball will be in your court when it comes to negotiations.

A lot of barrie homebuyers do base a home decision on the aesthetics of a home and how it makes them feel. Logistical elements are often cast aside when a person falls head over heels in love with a home and is desperate to have it. This is a perfect situation for a seller to be in. This is all assuming, of course, that the interior decorating is appealing and put together well.  Neutral colors are the best choice in most cases when it comes to selling a house in Barrie. If you have nothing to lose and have a strikingly different decorating scheme already going on in your home, it would be interesting to say the least to try marketing the Barrie home as is or even staging it to enhance the dramatic effect.

Give us a call if you would like to discuss various ways of using existing features in your home or enhancing it with some drama!

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