We come across many different ideas in the Barrie Real Estate market, and this one we thought was worth repeating. Buying an investment property or renovating an existing one involves many different aspects, and one that is often overlooked is the return that you receive on your investment once you have made the renovation. The return on investment revolves around spending say $10k for a new bathroom vs what value does it typically add to the property when you come to sell?

ROI an important aspect of home improvement projects
(NC)—For homeowners planning renovation projects this summer, making sure their home improvements are adding to the value of their homes is a common concern.
According to RENOVA, a web-based tool that helps homeowners calculate the potential rate of return on the top 25 most common renovation projects, bathroom renovations, along with kitchen renovations, topped the list, each boasting an expected ROI of 75 to 100 percent.
The National Institute of the Remodeling Industry also ranked adding a bathroom near the top of its list for return on investment. The group estimated the average cost of installing a new bathroom at $10,000 and the average rate of return at 96 percent.
Macerating toilet systems, like those by Saniflo (Saniflo.ca), are a great option for homeowners looking to maximize their return on a bathroom addition because of their comparatively low installation costs. Because these systems eliminate the need for a rough-in they allow homeowners to install a full bathroom for a fraction of the cost.
“Macerating systems can be installed on top of any finished floor,” says Daniel Cayer, national sales manager at Saniflo Canada. “This lets homeowners cost-effectively add a new bathroom wherever it is most convenient: in a basement, attic or garage, under the stairs or inside a newly remodeled space.”
Macerating toilets route flush water through the back of the toilet instead of down into the floor. A rotating blade is used to reduce waste and toilet paper, so it can be pumped away through ¾-inch pipe to a connecting drain stack. The advantage of using use small-diameter pipe is that that drain lines can be run without opening up walls and floors, which reduces renovation mess and installation time.
More information on these toilet systems is available online at www.saniflo.ca or toll-free at 1-800-363-5874.

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