Well you are not alone. The govt. did a pretty poor job of educating the general public on how HST was going to affect the RESALE homes market in the Barrie Real Estate area. Actually they did a poor job all over but I did have to explain this many times over during the last 6 months. It seems however, that the HST confusion has been fairly widespread. The article below is an independent pole on behalf of the Ontario real Estate Association. Enjoy:

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Now that’s a question! Fear is a very limiting obstacle to your personal growth,however, it’s not the failure that you fear it’s the fear itself. The usual way of approaching fear is to think of all the things that could go wrong when you are tackling something, however, what would happen if you tried it from the other approach, try thinking of all the things that could go right if you just tried. OK so I’m not a major in psychology and I didn’t make that last piece up. In fact it was Jim Rohn who first suggested to me that you should look for the positive outcome in any situation. I came across this short video from Brian Tracy on You Tube this morning and thought it was very well done so I decided to share it here. Read the rest of this entry

I was fortunate enough this week to be invited to listen to Paul Ferley from RBC. Paul is the assistant economist for the Royal Bank and focuses on long term trends in the economy. As a quick disclaimer, this article contains my interpretation of Pauls presentation and is not repeated in its entirety. I’ll try to keep this fairly brief so it won’t become a financial sleep zone. So first the good news, “there shouldn’t be a double dip recession!”, the Royal Bank is looking for growth in the economy to be slow but steady, around 2% in Gross Domestic Product.
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Well you have heard it said before, location location and location! This week we were delighted to be invited to list 291 Stanley Street in Barrie. The home is located in an excellent position and has the benefit of backing onto an environmentally

 291 Stanley Street

protected area. If you are looking for a home in the Barrie Real Estate area this would be worth your while to take a look!

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Doesn’t sound very business like does it? On the other hand its not exactly designed to be purely for business either. The ‘Play Pad’ will be smaller than Apples Ipad at approx 7 inches square as opposed to 9 inches square. Its also lighter than the Ipad. Rear and front facing cameras…ooo gotta like that, will be neat to be able to video talk to your clients and I hear that there won’t be any separate data plan required, if you have a blackberry you’ll have wireless access via tether on the ‘Play Pad’.  Not sure how correct that is, but if that’s correct its a winner. Power comes in the form of a 1GB of Ram and it looks like it will be able to multi task apps…neat! So I am an Apple I phone user and have never been overly impressed with the reliability of the Iphone and also the speed at which the battery drains. This is the kind of development that could make me reconsider. Not sure what any of this has to do with the Barrie Real Estate market, however, I can tell you that Real Estate is becoming more on more online, viral and at some stage in the near future the MLS system as a stand alone device won’t be the centre of the universe. I suspect that being able o demonstrate to your client what the inside of a home looks like on spec will become paramount to a standard service. This is the kind of device that would make this a reality and hence in-demand from every serious Realtor out there. I could be wrong but I feel this is going to be a hit!

Check out this link http://na.blackberry.com/eng/

Regards  to all,   Ian Hocking

I want to keep you updated with the Barrie Real Estate Market. There have been many negative stories recently about how the market is “slipping” or that “prices are starting to fall”. I thought I would take a look at some facts about the numbers in the Barrie Real Estate area,  because it isn’t doom and gloom, the press likely won’t report this. Read the rest of this entry

The Canadian Leading indicators were released on August 19th. The following information is supplied by Stats Canada and reproduced here in its entirety, and is a breakdown and more in-depth analysis of the Leading indicators report. It’s interesting reading as it shows the breakdown of each sector and clearly you can see that housing is slowing, confirming other evidence of a weaker close to the year than the beginning. Although the Barrie real estate market may not be representative of the Canadian Real Estate market as a whole it’s likely a similar trend.

Barrie Real Estate – Economic effects!

So here we go again? The question mark was deliberate as to be honest, I’m actually not sure this time around. Two years ago we were warning our readers that the Canadian housing market, and yes Barrie as well, would suffer over the coming year or two and it was likely that there would be some form of slow down or sell off in house prices. So here we are, August 19th and we are looking at worse than forseen wholesale trade and leading indicators. Barrie Real Estate - Economic effects!

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Home sales down in July

Residential property sales recorded through the MLS® System of the Barrie District Association of REALTORS® Inc. were down considerably in July 2010. A slowdown in demand in Ontario had been widely expected in July, with many purchases having been brought forward into the first half of the year in advance of the introduction of the HST.

Niagara Wine Tour – Places available

In conjunction with CARP we would like to extend to all our readers the chance to take a day off and enjoy a wine tasting trip to Niagara followed by an afternoon at Niagara on the lake. If you are not on our general mailing list and would like the full details emailed to you , please send us an email, or call on 705 252 7939. You can also down load the flyer from our main website at www.hockinghomes.com . Look up the community page. Read the rest of this entry

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