Ok, it just can’t be me that’s noticed this, I just had to write a quick blog about the seemingly unstoppable epidemic of Dandelions that we are having this year. As I was driving through the fields of Innisfil this afternoon glancing to my right and left the grass appeared to be bathed in a yellow glow. It certainly wasn’t the glow from the setting sun, no, something far far more sinister, DANDELIONS, millions of them.

It seems that the lack of pesticides being sprayed on our fields and lawns is allowing a resurgent bright yellow flower to gain a major
foothold. Surely this actually can’t be  a bad thing, I mean the lack of pesticide is great, at least by my way of thinking. The long term effects of pesticides on our lawns and in our drains can only be recycled back into our water system and hence end up in the human food chain. So the government by banning pesticides has done us all a huge favour by reducing the amount of long term potential damage to our food chain. However, I wonder if they could have given some thought before doing so to how we were going to deal with this pesky little yellow flower that ranks as a 10+ on a 1-10 scale of annoying.  Did anyone notice that Canadian Tire had a special on a device designed to rid your lawn of the ‘D’ ? Judging by the number of people I noticed using this long pole like device with a lever on the end a lot of you were suffering the same kind of frustration as my family was this weekend.

Can you picture this, Saturday afternoon a family affair with children all wanting to use this strange new device for removing Dandelions from lawns. The Xbox was finally abandoned, computers put down and yes even Justin Bieber was ignore by my daughter for a few hours as everyone congregated in the yard to try out this new device. I digress but isn’t it amazing that no amount of persuasion can drag your child away from the computer, pop idol, Xbox etc, and then  this strange device comes along and everyone wants a go. They spent hours pulling up one after another. Yeah… a family get together instigated by the ‘Dandelion’ of all things, maybe Dandelions aren’t bad after all.  Now I wish I just had a dollar for each one of those pole like devices designed to pull the ‘D’ out of the ground! Whoever invented that thing is laughing their socks off right about now.

So that got me thinking, what else could be good about the dreaded Dandelion?

Dandelions can be very very humbling! I mean you can spend an entire afternoon digging them all up and the next morning you pull back the curtains and gasp…ARRRGGHHH… They’re back! How does that happen, overnight it’s like some phantom Dandelion planter, planted them all back in your yard.

No need to aerate your yard! One of the plus points or downsides depending if you view the glass half full or half empty. After you have dug out all those Dandelions you now have a perfectly aerated lawn, holes everywhere!

Anyone else have anything positive to say about a Dandelion? Anyone know of a non pesticide Dandelion killer? Love to hear the comments.

If you need me and can’t reach me you know where i’ll be….Digging up Dandelions.

Ian Hocking

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