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Caroline and I just came back from a fairly intensive 3 day real estate marketing course centred around branding and we were curious. One of the subjects covered was why people buy from you? On Real estate translated to , “Why do people choose the Hocking Homes brand” to help them buy or sell a home?

There were many discussions around the room as to why people buy from you when there is choice in many other directions. The following statement was made, “All things being equal people buy from people they like, and , all things not being equal people still buy from people they like”. So that begs a question and answers a few others. In the Barrie Real Estate market there are approx 800 licensed Realtors. Within the Barrie Real Estate board in 2009 there were just over 4000 homes sold which means that the average realtor lists approx 5 homes a year. Have you ever seen listings where the agent is from Toronto, or Halifax, I even saw one from Kingston the other day. So why is that? I mean what possess someone to list their home with a Realtor that is 2-3 hours drive away. I can’t imagine its because they are going to do a lot of open houses! Have you ever looked on the MLS and seen homes with 1 picture??? Hello!  What’s that all about? Is there a connection (Family or otherwise that has nothing to do with quality of the representative but rather a social…”I like you” connection.

Is this proving the theory that knowledge isn’t the driver of listings but the connection with doing business with people you like is. Certainly when you look at some realtors who do over 100 transactions a year they are likely putting themselves in a position where they get to ‘like’ a large number of people and hence there is a connection between just plain hard work and a likeable Realtor.

If anyone would care to comment I would be interested to know if you would choose a Realtor you like over a Realtor who had better knowledge or a better marketing plan? Is knowledge the primary drive or does it not matter providing he/she is a nice guy? I find this an interesting question. I know that I have picked up listings in the past purely because the Seller didn’t want anyone they knew as they felt that the friendship would impede the sale, or that they wouldn’t receive objective advice.  I know that I also lost a listing because the Seller felt awkward that we were too close. It’s a tough one, how close is too close?

Love to hear any comments or feedback on this subject,  I know it spurred some lively debate last week.

Speak to you all soon’

Best Regards

Ian Hocking

Sales Representative…..Oh by the way , if you know a friend or family member who is thinking of Buying or Selling a home we are never to busy for your referrals.

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