Selling your Barrie Home

Everyone knows how kind and friendly Barrie neighbours can be. There are also, however, neighbours that can be quite a problem. Perhaps the neighbours are fond of keeping junk piled up on their front lawn and around every single available space they have. Whatever the case may be, always realize that neighbours can and most definitely will have an either positive or negative effect on potential homebuyers. Here is some info that you should keep in mind if you are thinking about selling your Barrie home when your neighbours are less than ideal.




Dealing with problem neighbours


Dealing with the problem means coming face to face with the neighbours. Always be kind and respectful as they do live nearby and are quite capable of making your life worse. When a problem arises with a neighbour, try to see things from their perspective and work things out.


Very often issues that could have been resolved quietly and peacefully develop into large fights that go back and forth simply because one person decided to be rude. Even if emotions are flying high and the neighbour’s dog dropped a surprise on the front lawn once again, take a minute to collect your thoughts and feelings before approaching the source of the problem.


Getting tough


If the neighbours are proving to be obnoxious and are ignoring polite requests for a peaceful settlement, it may be time to start getting tough. One way is through the authorities. This is only for larger problems that may in some form be breaking the law. Barrie municipal regulations can very often be quoted to make the problem go away.


Most of the time being a good neighbor means others will be nice as well. Being friendly and welcoming newcomers in the area can be very rewarding. Having good relations with neighbours means that when issues arise a calm and fair settlement can often be reached with little to no trouble whatsoever.


Your home sale


You will have to talk to your real estate agent about any neighbour difficulties in case the topic of conversation comes up between you and a potential buyer. He will let you now how to deal with the topic and handle it cautiously. You simply wouldn’t believe how many people will ask about the neighbours.

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