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I firmly believe that if you consider your investible assets as a whole pie, a piece of that pie should be in some form of Real Estate. Certainly you should consult with a financial planner before making any investment decisions,  but do bear in mind that in the same way that I cannot give you investment advice regarding stocks and bonds, neither can the average financial planner give you detailed information about investing in Barrie Real Estate. So before putting 100% of your investible assets into a stock or bond portfolio, consider having a chat about Real Estate as an alternative. Even in todays Real Estate market the Barrie Real Estate area offers a steady return on investment. Talking costs nothing, not talking could be very expensive.Investors discussing barrie real estate

Have you been considering in property in the Barrie real estate market? There are many types of real estate choices like rental homes, fixer uppers, apartments and land available, and each one has its own distinct advantages. There are various methods you can use to invest in Barrie real estate and you may be wondering which one is the best method for you based on your requirements.

Here are several ways you can invest in Barrie real estate, and their benefits.

1. Rental homes.

Advantages: Rental homes will make an excellent return on investment in the long run and have always been one of the easier methods when you begin investing in Barrie real estate.

Disadvantages: This is not something you will make a quick buck with and you will be banking on making money for the long term. Also, it can be stressful being a landlord and collecting rent from errant tenants. If you need management services please ask and we can advise you on that.

2. Rent-to-own-homes (Also known as Lease-to-own)

Advantages: If you decide to purchase a home and offer a rent-to-own agreement with prospective tenants, you will receive a higher yield in rent and buyers have to maintain the home themselves, which is a good thing for you.

Disadvantages: Managing the accounts can be a challenge, especially if your tenants do not complete the purchase of the house. You may be involved in more paperwork in the long run. We do have contacts with reputable Rent-to-own specialists who can turn this into a completely turn key situation.

3. Fixer uppers

Advantages: If you have an eye to spot bargains and unearth gems in a Barrie neighborhood, you can expect a large windfall in the short term.

Disadvantages: Since buying and selling can be unpredictable, you may fall short of your profit goals when you resell. Also, tax laws need to be taken into account, which can eat up your profits if you don’t learn about them first.

4. Purchasing land, splitting it and selling

Advantages: In many cases you can expect a high return on investment since you do not need to have property on the land. It can be a very simple process because not too much complexity is involved.

Disadvantages: Getting buyers is not as easy as selling a Barrie home, and it may take a while before you see any form of return. The Barrie area in general doesn’t have a whole lot of land that can be bought and subdivided. Financing can also be problematic as banks typically don’t give good loan to value ratios when lending against raw land. Quite a specialist area but for those who are prepared to do a lot of leg work at the city it can be very rewarding.

5. Commercial Property

Advantages: As an income-producing real estate investment, you can expect high return rates and you can set long term rental leases for your prospective tenants.

Disadvantages: Depending on the location, getting good paying tenants is not always easy and having empty units will mean a drop in profits. It can take longer to find commercial tenants than it can for residential situations. There is also a high vacancy rate in the Barrie Real Estate area at present.

There are so many Barrie real estate opportunities just waiting to be had in the area. I would love to take the time to discuss your options if you are ready to take the next step and increase your level of income through real estate give us a call at 705 252 7939 and ask for Ian.

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