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Real Estate Seminar in Toronto

Upcoming real estate seminar

Paul Hecht, monthly columnist for Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and the Best Selling Author of “Everyday Real Estate Millionaires™: How Average People REALLY Do It” is hosting his three-day, live weekend training event at the end of March in Toronto where he shows everyday Canadians how to invest in real estate (using the same strategies that made him a millionaire).

The event is sponsored by RE/MAX West Realty, Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, Mark Weisleder (Author, Speaker, Lawyer and Columnist for the Toronto Star), Centum Streetwise Mortgages and ourselves. George Dube from Dube&Cuttini will be speaking on “Structure your Assets, Save Taxes: The Inside Real Estate Story”. For those of you who don’t know George he has published several books on real estate investing and is co-authored with REIN.

Leading up to this weekend event in March, Paul is offering a free two-hour presentation. There is no cost to attend and seating is limited. Most of Paul’s events fill up quickly so you can either register online or call 1-800-217-8501.

Why don’t the banks just lend against Barrie investment real estate?

When you are looking for Barrie real estate for investment purposes, and you are having trouble borrowing money from the bank or other financial institutions, you may have to consider other options. For some, these options might include not getting their ideal house or investment property. For others, they may contact a private lender. Should the lender feel interested and believe that the venture is relatively safe, they may lend you the money. Why might the bank not lend you money, even if the investment is sound? Well it comes down to two main factors; INvesting in Real Estate

1. Traditional high street banks count ‘doors’. A door is literally how many units plus how many single family homes do you own, so if you owned a single family home that you didn’t occupy yourself and a 4 plex multi residential building that counts as a total of 5 doors (a 4 plex counts as 4 doors + the single family home). Most banks have a limit on how many doors they will lend you personally and that number can range between 5-10 for most of the major lenders. Irrespective of your own personal credit, hit the magical number of 10 and you may run into a road block. It’s possible that by gong to the commercial side of the bank that you may be able to work out some deal but if that fails then read on!

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New website launch

Hello all,

We are delighted to announce that we have today launched our new website. It can be found at the familiar address, but sports a much needed updated modern look and feel. We have included now a lot more video content and handy ‘how to’ videos courtesy of Royal LePage. If you know someone who is thinking of buying or selling a home in the Barrie Real Estate area please direct them to take a look at our website. Any comments greatly appreciated.

Ian Hocking, Sales Representative

705 252 7939

Green Real Estate – Conservation Article

By Elden Freeman

As the Canadian real estate market is expected to follow patterns this year similar to last, we need to put our best foot forward to support and guide buyers, especially in the second half of the year when interest rates are expected to rise.
Keeping appraised of current green trends instills confidence and trust in your clients as you open their eyes to solutions to help reduce ecological footprints and defray costs associated with their new home or commercial property. Read the rest of this entry

Are Sold sings just for Real Estate or are government selling off their countries under the table.!

In case you haven’t been following the news recently the world is gradually reaching a point where it runs out of money. Caused by years of excess spending with little regard for long term fiscal stability various governments around the world are reaching crunch time. Simply put we have been borrowing to enjoy benefits we can’t afford. Of course this will pan out in one of two ways, 1. Governments default on their debt obligations, that’s a bit like you defaulting on a mortgage payment, or 2. Governments will decide to allow themselves the ability to raise their debt ceiling (I.E. borrow more) and the dice will be rolled one more time.

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Hi all,

The Barrie Police have just announced that they have produced a map of Barrie showing various crimes that have been committed during the set past period. I’m not saying you should use this to determine where to by a new home (Barrie actually doesn’t actually have a bad crime rate period) however, it’s a useful guide as to some areas to avoid or be aware of, or at least if you are going to live in some areas have home security etc. In any case, a quick blog post here with the link.

Ian Hocking
Hocking Homes Team at Royal LePage First Contact Realty, Brokerage
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Since 2008 predicting the Barrie real estate market has been somewhat challenging. It’s been challenging from several angles, as events both close to home and far away have had effects on the housing situation. So far this year we saw a very busy January and February followed by a slightly slower selling season in March and a pretty quiet April.
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Are Real estate seminars in Barrie & Toronto a Scam?

Maybe ‘scam’ is a harsh word, let’s say, ‘less than fulfilling’. While real estate can be a very good investment vehicle worth considering, some people are now offering real estate seminars in Barrie and Toronto that make outrageous get rich quick promises. Many people are attracted to the prospect of making thousands of dollars on properties after investing a small amount of money. You can end up investing hundreds and even thousands of dollars for these seminars that tell you there is fast money in real estate. While some seminars are legit, some are a scam….err  ‘less than fulfilling’.

The first thing I would say is that investing in the Barrie real estate market is worthwhile and has been worthwhile for a number of years. The market here is relatively stable and although you are unlikely to see amazing capital appreciation over a short period, you are more than likely going to have a steady investment. Properties here typically cash flow but only just.  Read the rest of this entry

Although we might say first time buyer questions, in all honesty most of these points are valid any time you are buying and a quick review is never a bad idea.

First Time Barrie Homebuyers

For a first time Barrie homebuyer, buying a home elicits emotions of fear and excitement. Buying is a long-term expensive venture. You need to be well prepared in order to make a wise real estate investment decision and arm yourself with important knowledge on real estate pricing, bank regulations and mortgage requirements in order to make an informed investment choice.

Here are some tips that can help you along the way.

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Well there are two very interesting questions and we come across them often. So to paint or not to paint? Painting as a whole is one of those things you can do that actually doesn’t cost a whole lot and it can give arise to two important sensory outlooks, 1. Sight (Pretty obvious really) and smell! Even if you just paint the hallway it will have that fresh paint smell when a Buyer walks in the door. However, what if you want to paint a few rooms a little out of the ordinary?

“I Want To Paint My Barrie home Purple!”  Ouch !!! ooo, felt that one coming…but is it a bad idea?barrie real estate interior design
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