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There was a really interesting article posted in the Globe and Mail this morning. (Thank you Katherine for bringing it to my attention). It concerns the levels of debt that Canadians are taking on and looks at various cities around Canada to try and figure out the net growth of wealth in certain cities. The full article is contained within this link:

Of course in my usual way I just felt compelled to reply to the post. Debt can be a widely misunderstood  term and I thought I would share here my post on the globe and Mails website.  Hopefully this is thought provoking and no too antagonistic. Read the rest of this entry

By popular demand we will be hosting a lease to own evening  on Wednesday 28th April 2010. The owners of an ethical lease to own company will be coming to Barrie to talk to investors about the pros / cons of lease to own investing. Read the rest of this entry

Barrie Real Estate – Mortgage changes

The Government of Canada today announced changes to mortgage financing rules effective April 19th 2010. The lenders however, are likely to adopt the changes almost immediately so if you are in the process of thinking of buying a home, at the very least call your mortgage professional now and get pre-qualified. There are three main changes to mortgage financing rules and these are likely to affect the Barrie Real Estate market. Read the rest of this entry

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