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23 Joshua Court – $239,900

Just listed in Orillia, you will find this spotlessly clean 3 bedroom raised bungalow located in a quiet court. The home is situated on a large pie shaped private lot providing a huge rear garden, probably the largest on the block.

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Well there are two very interesting questions and we come across them often. So to paint or not to paint? Painting as a whole is one of those things you can do that actually doesn’t cost a whole lot and it can give arise to two important sensory outlooks, 1. Sight (Pretty obvious really) and smell! Even if you just paint the hallway it will have that fresh paint smell when a Buyer walks in the door. However, what if you want to paint a few rooms a little out of the ordinary?

“I Want To Paint My Barrie home Purple!”  Ouch !!! ooo, felt that one coming…but is it a bad idea?barrie real estate interior design
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Barrie Real Estate – Bungalow on Rose Street

135 Rose Street – 3+1 bedroom ranch bungalow – for sale at $269,900Barrie Real estate, 135 Rose Street Barrie

This home has been well cared for and shows very well. A full ranch bungalow with an open plan living style, hardwood floors and a mostly finished basement. The main floor consists of approx 1330 sqft of living space comprising of a large open planned living / dining room, leading to an equally open planned kitchen. No pillars in the way juat a large open planned space for the family to enjoy. There are three good sized bedrooms and a family bathroom, with one of the bedrooms benefitting from a hardwood Read the rest of this entry

 When it comes to selling your Barrie home, the following question often comes to mind: What will happen to your existing mortgage when you sell and are there any costs to breaking a mortgage?

 As a Barrie homeowner, you most likely have been paying a mortgage loan ever since you bought the house. The word Mortgage actually comes from the Spanish word ‘Mort’ or translated ‘Till death’! The borrower, that’s you, gives the Mortgage and in return you receive some remuneration, I.E. Cash. The Lender holds your debt (Mortgage) until you either repay it or you become deceased,(Mort). In English, it is basically a loan obtained from a credit institution such as a bank or lending company to help finance the purchase of a home as part of a buying agreement. During the term of the loan and over time, the outstanding loan (Debt) will become significantly lower due to consistent monthly repayments. Read the rest of this entry

Good morning all,

This morning the government announced changes to financing regulations for canadians. This is designed to slow the housing market in Canada, reduce borrowing / speculation, and induce canadians to save by paying down their mortgage. Like all government interventions, the intentions may be honorable but the delivery can sometimes be like chopping the patients arm off when a band aid would do. Barrie Real estate for sale

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Discover Your Barrie Real Estate Investment Choices

I firmly believe that if you consider your investible assets as a whole pie, a piece of that pie should be in some form of Real Estate. Certainly you should consult with a financial planner before making any investment decisions,  but do bear in mind that in the same way that I cannot give you investment advice regarding stocks and bonds, neither can the average financial planner give you detailed information about investing in Barrie Real Estate. So before putting 100% of your investible assets into a stock or bond portfolio, consider having a chat about Real Estate as an alternative. Even in todays Real Estate market the Barrie Real Estate area offers a steady return on investment. Talking costs nothing, not talking could be very expensive.Investors discussing barrie real estate
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Barrie Real Estate Home Buyers – Answers To Some Common Questions

If you are looking for a great deal on Barrie real estate, you may have some of these homebuyer questions. Every day you can find hundreds of houses that have been put up for sale in the Barrie real estate market and are waiting for a buyer. To help you find that ideal Barrie home that you really want, here are several frequently asked questions and their answers. Discussing buying process with Buyers
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Barre Real Estate – Market update

The Barrie Association of Realtors provides monthly updates of the state of the market, we are pleased to share them with you here.
Home sales improve at the end of 2010
Residential property sales in the Barrie Real Estate area as recorded through the MLS® System of the Barrie & District Association of REALTORS® Inc. posted a solid end to the year, with December sales coming in above a five-year average for the month. Read the rest of this entry

Attention all investors and buyers who want a nice home in a good neighbourhood that requires some minor TLC but is listed below recently appraised value. Barrie Real Estate 50 Hubbert Read the rest of this entry

Real estate comment from former CFO

OK, I just came across this statement, ‘supposedly’ from a former CFO of McDonalds. Having read part of the story of the McDonalds growth to the largest hamburger chain in the world have seen similar quotes before. However, this is just a great quote. If ever you wondered whether real estate was a good long term investment, these guys clearly think so.

According to the company’s former CFO: “We are in the real estate business. The only reason we sell hamburgers is because they are the greatest producer of revenue from which our tenants can pay us rent.”

If you are a McDonalds Franchisee and are reading this, I’m Ray Croc and his team sends you their regards. Come to think of it, isn’t the business model the same for most/all restaurent franchises? Gotta think that I like the Franchisor side of that equation.

Food for thought.

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