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Barrie Real Estate Home Buyers – Answers To Some Common Questions

If you are looking for a great deal on Barrie real estate, you may have some of these homebuyer questions. Every day you can find hundreds of houses that have been put up for sale in the Barrie real estate market and are waiting for a buyer. To help you find that ideal Barrie home that you really want, here are several frequently asked questions and their answers. Discussing buying process with Buyers
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Barre Real Estate – Market update

The Barrie Association of Realtors provides monthly updates of the state of the market, we are pleased to share them with you here.
Home sales improve at the end of 2010
Residential property sales in the Barrie Real Estate area as recorded through the MLS® System of the Barrie & District Association of REALTORS® Inc. posted a solid end to the year, with December sales coming in above a five-year average for the month. Read the rest of this entry

Apple Mac computers at a discount!

HI all, I know this has nothing to do with Barrie Real Estate however, in the interest of spreading the love, I thought I would point this out. If you have ever thought about owning an Apple Mac computer ad couldn’t quite justify the cost then you might want to read on. Read the rest of this entry

Most Ontarians are still confused about HST and resale homes

An Ipsos Reid survey commissioned by OREA and released in October reveals that 56 per cent of Ontarians mistakenly believe that the new Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) applies to the full purchase price of a resale home. In fact, the HST is only levied on the various transaction fees associated with the purchase of a home that has been previously occupied (i.e. not a newly-built home). Read the rest of this entry

Well you are not alone. The govt. did a pretty poor job of educating the general public on how HST was going to affect the RESALE homes market in the Barrie Real Estate area. Actually they did a poor job all over but I did have to explain this many times over during the last 6 months. It seems however, that the HST confusion has been fairly widespread. The article below is an independent pole on behalf of the Ontario real Estate Association. Enjoy:

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Barrie Real Estate – Economic effects!

So here we go again? The question mark was deliberate as to be honest, I’m actually not sure this time around. Two years ago we were warning our readers that the Canadian housing market, and yes Barrie as well, would suffer over the coming year or two and it was likely that there would be some form of slow down or sell off in house prices. So here we are, August 19th and we are looking at worse than forseen wholesale trade and leading indicators. Barrie Real Estate - Economic effects!

So what you might ask, and exactly what does that have to do with the Barrie real estate market? First off you need to Read the rest of this entry

Home sales down in July

Residential property sales recorded through the MLS® System of the Barrie District Association of REALTORS® Inc. were down considerably in July 2010. A slowdown in demand in Ontario had been widely expected in July, with many purchases having been brought forward into the first half of the year in advance of the introduction of the HST.

Press release from the president of the Barrie Association of Realtors.

Sales activity cools in June

Residential property sales recorded through the MLS® System of the Barrie District Association of REALTORS® Inc. came in well below last year’s record levels in June. Home sales numbered 461 units in June 2010, down 19 per cent from the record in the same month in last year. On a year-to-date basis, however, activity was still up 12 per cent compared to the first six months of 2009. New listings rose five per cent from a year earlier to 767 units in June. While still up, the Read the rest of this entry

Soooo Proud to be a Canadian

Yeahhh… Way to go Sidney Crosby. As a British immigrant to Canada, I can honestly say that I am standing here with tears in my eyes as I witness probably one of the greatest hockey games I have ever seen. This ranks right up there with major English international soccer games, I feel so proud to call myself a Canadian, way to go Canada. 14 Gold medals, a world record and what a way to finish it off.  Let’s not take it away from Team USA for making it such a great game. Without a good opponent, great teams just look ordinary, thank you USA and way to go TEAM CANADA……Yeahh…..   Read the rest of this entry

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