Believe it or not, there is a lot of land available in Barrie that can be turned into a great investment opportunity. If you are thinking about purchasingPurchasing land in Barrie as an Investment land to either develop or to hold and sell later, there are a few things that you should know first.

Buying land is a great option for people that don’t think that they will be able to get together a down payment for a house very easily in the near future. It gives hope to many that would like to own their own property. A home can be built on this land once the finances improve and the building of it can be taken one step at a time instead of done in one big chunk. A lot of people don’t understand that owning a Barrie home can be made possible by investing in land that can be developed.

One thing you’ll need to watch, however, is cheap land that looks too good to be true. Find out everything you can about the piece of property before making a purchase and have it surveyed if necessary.  The Hocking Homes Team can help you find out more about this land to make sure that it is everything you want and can have a home built on it later.

If you’re looking for land that you want to hold onto for security or to sell when the prices go up, you’ll have to do the same homework as mentioned above. When it comes time to sell this property, you’ll want to be sure that the buyer is able to build on it easily.

Can’t let it go…?

One of the common problems with purchasing a piece of land in Barrie or Simcoe County and holding it for a resale later is the buyer can fall in love with the property and not want to let it go. It is funny how a piece of land can grow on you over the years and it can be hard to sell it if there is a great attachment to it. This happens quite often, especially when a couple buys a piece of land in the country and end up visiting it often as a weekend getaway.

If you have been thinking about getting into real estate and want a fast start, think about buying a piece of  property. The Hocking Homes Team will be able to let you know lucrative areas where land is still affordable, yet has the potential to boom in future years. By holding onto this land and then selling at later at a higher price, you may end up with a tidy down payment that you can use to purchase a home of your dreams. Even if the prices don’t rise as expected, you’ll still have built up equity in the property that can be used to fund a new house.


For more information on purchasing raw land in Barrie or surrounding area, contact The Hocking Homes Team direct at 705-252-7939 or email us at

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