Before Purchasing A Barrie Property – Look At The Crime Rate

Actually before buying a home anywhere, there are a number of factors one should consider, the crime rate probably isn’t the first thought on your list, hence the reason we made it one of our main titles.  Luckily the crime rate in Barrie is fairly low. We still live in a city where  a serious crime makes front page news and tends to stay there for weeks not days. However, carrying out crime rate research is very important when you are planning to purchase Barrie home or move to a particular neighborhood. There are different approaches you can use when doing your research. Here are some good ideas to help you find relevant and helpful information.Barrie Real Estate

The Internet

The Internet is a good place to start your information search. Find out if there are any statistics listed for communities around Barrie or the whole Simcoe region. You’ll then have to compare these stats to narrow down the list of safe communities. You can also read newspaper reports online to get a general idea about a certain area of Barrie that you may be considering for a home purchase. Use a search engine to do more research and find other websites that provide similar information.

Talk to People

You can talk to a few people on the streets or strike up a conversation with a shop attendant as you make a purchase. Get first-hand information from the very people who live in that neighborhood if you are at all serious about buying a Barrie home. You could also take a trip down to the local police station to ask if there are any particular neighborhoods that they frequent and in their opinion you may wish to avoid.

Take a Drive

Armed with relevant information and statistics, take a drive around the areas of the city that you are interested in. The things you see on the streets will tell you a lot about that neighborhood. Are there groups of people idling in the streets? Can you hear loud music blasting from homes? Are there any graffiti paintings on the walls? All these signs will indicate whether crime is rife or controlled. Select a time of day like the late afternoon or early evening when the neighborhood is more alive to see for yourself what life is really like in that part of town. This would also be true for the day you chose, I.E. try driving the neighborhood on a Saturday evening about 9-10pm and see if it’s a different place than you saw at 2pm in the afternoon.

Ask your real estate agent

Now hears a good idea. Full time real estate agents are generally speaking out and about in lots of neighborhoods while you are working. They often see inside homes before they are listed for sale and on many occasions get to see what life is really like.  A busy agent probably knows better then the City of Barrie were all the illegal apartments are and as for a crack house or drugs bust, chances are your local Realtor has a pretty good idea which streets to avoid.  An agent will likely know the crime rates in various areas of town and can point you in the right direction. Your agent has your best interests at heart and does not want to put you in a compromising position.

The Education System

This can give you an idea of the neighborhood and its future potential. Take note of the upkeep of the schools and colleges. Any neglect and poor upkeep may point to a future deterioration of that neighborhood. You can also check out the schools to see what their ratings are, generally speaking those schools with a better rating and pass marks for children will demand better standards. Concerned parents will seek out better schools creating more demand for housing in a neighborhood driving up prices. Driving up prices makes an area less affordable for some and changes the dynamic of a neighborhood. One such area in Barrie is the Algonquin school district where home prices are typically 2-5% higher then comparable homes outside that area.

Do your homework thoroughly and make an informed decision. Buying Barrie real estate is a long-term decision and one you’ll have to live with for many years to come. You cannot afford to go wrong when selecting a neighborhood in Barrie and you’ll be thankful that you took the time to do a bit of research first on the crime rate. Give us a call today and we’ll help you select the right neighborhood for your needs.

Ian Hocking, the Hocking Homes Team

Sales Representative

Royal LePage First Contact Realty.

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