Doesn’t sound very business like does it? On the other hand its not exactly designed to be purely for business either. The ‘Play Pad’ will be smaller than Apples Ipad at approx 7 inches square as opposed to 9 inches square. Its also lighter than the Ipad. Rear and front facing cameras…ooo gotta like that, will be neat to be able to video talk to your clients and I hear that there won’t be any separate data plan required, if you have a blackberry you’ll have wireless access via tether on the ‘Play Pad’.  Not sure how correct that is, but if that’s correct its a winner. Power comes in the form of a 1GB of Ram and it looks like it will be able to multi task apps…neat! So I am an Apple I phone user and have never been overly impressed with the reliability of the Iphone and also the speed at which the battery drains. This is the kind of development that could make me reconsider. Not sure what any of this has to do with the Barrie Real Estate market, however, I can tell you that Real Estate is becoming more on more online, viral and at some stage in the near future the MLS system as a stand alone device won’t be the centre of the universe. I suspect that being able o demonstrate to your client what the inside of a home looks like on spec will become paramount to a standard service. This is the kind of device that would make this a reality and hence in-demand from every serious Realtor out there. I could be wrong but I feel this is going to be a hit!

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Regards  to all,   Ian Hocking

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