Why stage a home?

When we list a home for sale we usually employ the services of a stager to help showcase your home to its absolute best. During our listing presentation we will discuss your home and of course our marketing strategy. Our key strengths are negotiation, marketing and our ability to value a home correctly. We recognize what we are good at and where we should bring in an expert. It makes sense that in todays world not one person can be an expert at everything, otherwise by definition that makes you a generalist ! The Barrie real estate market demands that Realtors be on the top of their game and that means knowing when to defer to someone else. Although we might be experts in marketing and negotiation, when it comes to spacial layout and colour we prefer to pay a staging professional to help out. 

What makes a staging professional? 

There are two key accreditations that are widely recognized in the Canadian market place, a ‘CSP’ (Canadian Staging Professional) and an ‘ASP’ (Accredited Staging Professional). At the Hocking Homes Team we only work with accredited staging professionals and in particular Bonnie Carter from Staged Results. Bonnie is accredited with both a CSP and the ASP which makes her extremely well qualified as stagers go.

What other qualities are inherent with a professional stager?

A Staging professional should work with a seller with both tact and objectivity. As much as the stager cannot be offending to a Seller who is obviously very proud of their home, we are paying a professional who is in tune with the latest colour schemes and ideas that todays Buyer is demanding. The Stager is being paid to increase the value of the Sellers home or at the very least bring it back to todays value. When a home has been lived in for 10-20 years it’s likely that although the home is clean and tidy it will be dated in many ways that the Seller will not be aware of. Hence we pay the stager to be honest, upfront, tactful but also objective their approach. To not be so would in fact be a disservice to the client. Running this fine line between objectivity, honesty and remaining tactful is an approach that requires a careful skill set.

We are delighted to say that Bonnie manage’s to achieve all of the above and uses a proven set of guidelines to ensure that the process is kept on track.

Some of the benefits of staging:

Staged homes in the Barrie area typically sell faster

Staged homes show better than homes that are not staged making them more desirable and in the economy that we have that’s a good thing.

Staged homes tale better photos and hence look better in print and online

Buyers view staged homes as clean, tidy well organized and above all ‘maintained’.

What’s the cost?

If you are asking the Hocking Homes team to sell you home the cost of the initial consultation is covered by us, to be frank it makes our job easier. The initial consultation is typically all that is required so usually there is no cost to the client. If the client wishes to engage a stager to undertake some minor repairs etc then that is between the home owner and the stager.

In summary staging pays dividends and we highly recommend it in the Barrie real estate area.

If you would like further information Bonnie can be reached at 705 726 3045 or call the Hocking Homes team at 705 252 7939 for a full consultation on listing your home the expert way.





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