Barrie Real Estate as a part of a holistic approach to a portfolio.

Some people, and some agents, will tell you that ‘now’ is the best time to buy Barrie Real Estate. I’m certain that over the next few months there will be many reports on how great the Barrie Real Estate market is and how not getting in now will be a mistake. Well I’m not sure that it is and I’m not convinced that it isn’t. What I do know is that investing in Real Estate needs to consider many factors but market emotions, isn’t one of them.

Having spent 18 years in international finance running portfolio’s for major banks I feel I have a unique blend of investment experience, economic awareness and can bring this to the table to help my clients understand the long term impacts of investment Real Estate.

So what is ‘Investment Real Estate’?

In it’s most simplistic form, it’s a piece of Real Estate that pays you on a monthly basis and all being well, should provide for a long term capital gain for future retirement planning. A word of caution, like any investment the value of Real Estate can go down as well as up, so timing is important, not unlike investing in the stock market or bonds. The Barrie Real Estate market for townhomes and semi’s is one fire, however, that’s just one form of investing in Real Estate.

There are many types of Investment Real Estate; single family homes, duplex’s or small multi-residential properties up to 6 units, and larger multi-residential properties. There are also commercial properties, strip malls and even small industrial units that could be regarded as Investment Real Estate. There are also differing investment strategies such as ‘Lease to Own’ investments where the investor acts much more like a financier for a set period with known exit criteria. I also believe that investing in Real Estate isn’t just limited to the physical ownership of a piece of Real Estate, but instead should be viewed as an asset class, I.E. investing in a second mortgage is still exposure to Real Estate but has very different characteristics to physical ownership. The Barrie Real Estate market has investment potential in all of the above, but you do need to be selective. Not every town home makes a good investment!

Lastly, there are the hidden investment strategies of tax planning. Although tax planning might not be the first reason you would enter into a Real Estate Investment, it’s certainly a key component and should be considered prior to any commitment. A meeting with an accountant and a strategy meeting with a good lawyer are a must.

There are of course many variables to the above and having a professional team that understands the complexities of investing in Real Estate would be a wise decision. If you would like a no obligation consultation with our team please don’t hesitate to ask, we are here to help. The Hocking Homes team services the Barrie Real Estate market and the surrounding areas within Simcoe County.

Sincerely, Ian Hocking, Sales Representative

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